Friday, February 14, 2014

A Weekend In Ouray

Every year for the super bowl my family goes to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool because a lot of us don't really care for the game and we get the pool all to ourselves.
However this year was a little weird. My sister had just had my new baby niece a couple days before and my cousin had just had her baby and on top of that my sister-in-law's birthday landed on the same day as the super bowl and was doing a party with her family and my brother had just left back to Washington. So long story short, it was only my parents and I that could go this year. We decided to get a hotel for the night instead of just staying for the day since it was just us three.
We stayed at Box Canyon Inn which has their own hot springs. But instead of a pool they have big barrels up the side of the mountain to soak in. I stayed there when I was younger, but I honestly didn't remember how cool it was. We also went to see all the ice climbers at Box Canyon Falls and went to The Ouray Brewery (which I highly recommend).

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